Our Company

Frontier Health is a specialised, Australian company offering successful Australian brands the opportunity to expand both locally and internationally, particularly throughout Asia.

We have a key focus on healthcare which is reflective of the global demand for high quality Australian products across the spectrum, including feminine hygiene, skin care, beauty and natural health.

Frontier Health prides itself in its team of highly experienced experts and analysts. Our team has over twenty years of experience, and together, we deliver an end-to-end service offering for clients. We deliver tailored solutions and individualised strategies for targeting new customers in new markets.

With innovative thinking, we formulate plans that best meet the goals of our clients and determine the most cost effective channels for acquiring, retaining and growing new customers.

Equipped with extensive knowledge across a wide range of disciplines, our expertise include digital and offline marketing, advertising and sales strategies, project management, international distribution, warehousing and transportation.

With extensive global reach, Frontier Health partners with the world’s most professional Distributors and the largest, most successful retail chains. Our clients can now effectively enter new countries and reach international customers.

If you’re a distributor, retailer or manufacturer and would like to find out more please contact us.

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