The feminine hygiene category is mature and highly competitive worldwide. Australia produces some of the highest quality feminine hygiene products that are in demand globally. Female consumers are seeking an alternative and wanting natural, non-toxic, safe, yet effective products.

We have long standing relationships with our clients and work with them to formulate business strategies for entering new markets. Our team develop marketing and advertising strategies including campaign development, execution and optimisation as well as formulating competitive pricing structures, cost effective warehousing and transportation solutions.

We have built many successful partnerships and are dedicated to the business goals of our clients.

We provide cost effective customer acquisition strategies, develop brand loyalty and retention campaigns while building brand awareness, stimulating trial and ultimately growing product sales.

Frontier Health is in the privileged position to represent a very successful Australian manufacturer of feminine hygiene products called Veeda. The company has developed a range of 100% natural cotton tampons, sanitary pads and liners that are distributed globally across America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and is now launching into Asia.

Frontier Health has partnered with Veeda and is working closely with the company to enter the Australasian market.

We deliver results and tailor our services to the needs of our clients. We work with the most experienced distributors and directly with the largest retail chains worldwide, including pharmacies and supermarkets.


Veeda’s mission is to strive for every woman to be informed about, and have access to, affordable and safe feminine care. We make our hypoallergenic, toxin-free 100% cotton tampons widely available at a fair price; and donate them for those who can’t afford to buy feminine care products via Project Everywoman.

When you buy Veeda, you get comfort and effectiveness that rivals the top selling tampons.

  • Regular Applicator Tampons

    Regular Applicator Tampons

  • 40-Natural-Cotton-Liners

    40 Natural Cotton Liners

  • Super-Plus-Tampons

    32 Super Plus Applicator Tampons

  • Super-Tampons

    16 Super Tampons

  • Super-Plus-Tampons

    16 Super Plus Tampons

  • Super-Plus-Applicator-Tampons

    16 Super Applicator Tampons

  • Regular-Tampons

    16 Regular Tampons

  • Regular-Applicator-Tampons

    16 Regular Applicator Tampons

  • 14-UltraThin-Pads-with-Wings

    14 UltraThin Pads with Wings

  • 12-UltraThin-Night-Pads-with-Wings

    12 UltraThin Night Pads with Wings