We work with award winning Australian companies who produce the highest quality products that nurture and support the growth of children and babies worldwide. It is an important category that focuses on superior products containing only natural ingredients – that are safe, pure and aid the development of the next generation.

We work the beautiful skin care brand anumi who use highest quality, 100% natural ingredients and essential oils that benefit the delicate skin of baby and nourish the skin of Mum’s around the world.

Mavella Superfoods have launched a product range for children over 12 months old that supplements their diet with essential vitamins and nutrients. The range includes four products; Body Boost, Immune Boost, Brain Boost and Veggie Boost. The products are 100% natural and don’t contain any artificial flavours, colours or added sugar. They are powders that are easily added to a child’s diet to enhance their overall health and wellbeing.


The Frontier Health team are excited to work with emerging brands in this category and support the health of children. We represent our clients across many large retail chains including pharmacies and supermarkets, both locally and globally.

Our clients are partners and we continually focus on expanding their businesses across new markets in Asia and creating awareness and sales for their products globally. Our relationships are vital and we work on every aspect of a client’s business, from packaging, pricing to promotions – ensuring the brand is marketed successfully and tailored to each market.

anumi Baby and Mum Skin Care

All Anumi products are Australian made including select ingredients chosen for a particular purpose to best suit baby’s delicate skin and Mum’s dry, itchy skin. Anumi mum-n-bub care is enriched with pro Vitamin A and Vitamin E with 100% premium natural and organic ingredients with nothing toxic or irritating added. pH balanced and low allergen make it safe and ideal to use on all babies, especially those with eczema and other skin related problems.

We live in a world where chemicals and synthetic substances overflow, where stresses of daily grind dominate our lives and where nature has taken a back seat to modernisation. Therefore wouldn’t it be truly wonderful to embrace nature once again, free of all toxins and impurities, and rediscover how nature can bring contentment, improve our health and beauty.

  • anumi me tender baby lotion

    Soothe Me Tender – Baby Lotion

  • mummy-soother-stretch-mark-oil

    Mummy Soother Stretch Mark Oil

  • mummy-hand-body-lotion

    Mummy Pamper Hand and Body Lotion

  • mummy-papmer-box

    Mummy Pamper Box

  • mum n bub head to toe baby wash

    Head to Toe – Baby Wash

  • bBB revovery

    BB Recovery – Soothing Oil

  • Anumi baby bliss bath oil

    Baby Bliss Bath Oil

Mavella Superfoods

We have created high nutrient superfood formulas enhanced with a high nutrient intake with wide range of essential vitamins and minerals to help supplement children’s diets typically saturated in processed foods and missing that extra nutrition.

They are made from fruits and vegetables which are locally processed in Australia and processed at low temperatures so they can have up to 18 times concentrated nutrition of raw, Certified ingredients. All products have no added sugar, are 100% natural, gluten and egg free with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners and are suitable for all children over 12 months old.

The range includes Body Boost, Brain Boost, Immune Boost and Veggie Boost which are powders easily added to yoghurt, smoothies, pancakes, muffins and more.

We are also the proud winner at the 2016 Food and Beverage Industry Awards in the Health Food Category. Our products are loved by kids and trusted by parents and are perfect for fussy eaters.

  • mavella-vegeboost

    Superfood Smoothie Vege Boost

  • mavella-immuneboostberry

    Superfood Smoothie Immune Boost

  • mavella-brainboostchoc

    Superfood Smoothie Brain Boost

  • mavella-bodyboosttropical

    Superfood Smoothie Body Boost