Frontier Health is an Australian, full service company that specialises in the distribution of reputable health and personal care brands across every aspect of the supply chain.

We work with Australia’s most innovative and thriving manufacturers across the healthcare sector including feminine hygiene, skin care, beauty and natural health. We partner with experienced international distributors and work directly with the world’s largest retailers, with a particular focus on Asia.

Frontier Health represents mature Australian brands that are seeking to expand their successful businesses worldwide and our services include:

  • Business planning;
  • New market evaluation;
  • Distribution;
  • Digital and offline marketing and advertising;
  • Competitive pricing structures;
  • Cost effective warehousing;
  • Transportation solutions and;
  • General international growth strategies.

We efficiently help our clients reach new customers in new markets.

We are a team of industry specialists with years of experience and offer our clients a one-stop-shop approach for international expansion. At Frontier Health we continue to work intelligently and transparently with our clients locally and with our partners globally to build long term relationships that deliver profitable sales results.

If you’re a distributor, retailer or manufacturer and would like to find out more please contact us.

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